Hello, I’m David Hilgier.

artist, designer, photographer, painter & developer

I’m quite fond of the power inherent in communicating through the use of visual media. I spend my waking hours rearranging pixels, shooting photographs, dreaming of far away lands, making objects of beauty, and honing my chops as a home-brewer.

You need a visual problem solved? Drop me a line, I'll fix that for you real quick-like. Feel free to contact me at: info at theviale dot net.

The name “the viale” was crafted by myself and a good friend and colleague while working on a prior iteration of this site. Searching for something unique to complement my interests and personality, the Italian word “viale” was settled on. Literally translated to “avenue” for which I felt it was an apt title. I’m on a path to something, never really sure what it is, but my work serves the route to where I am going.

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