A few words about myself

With a design career that spans over fifteen years, my abilities and experiences allow me to solve a wide range of communication problems. Since graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Denver with a BFA in Electronic Media Arts and Design, I’ve worked in a variety of work environments and capacities on an expansive range of projects. I am a detail oriented designer and interactive developer who draws on a diverse set of talents and life experiences in order to provide thorough solutions to the challenges I am presented with.

Capabilities include:

  • Application and website UX architecture and planning
  • Application and website UI design
  • HTML5, CSS2-3, Javascript
  • Custom WordPress website development and theming
  • Visual identity design
  • Conceptualization and execution of brand expressions

Alongside my lovely wife, daughter, and our head-strong corgi, I reside in the world famous Denver neighborhood Park Hill. Outside of design, I spend my time restoring our World War II era home, brewing beer, riding my ’70s Peugeot road bike, shooting photos, collecting Colorado license plates, traveling, and listening to Pearl Jam bootlegs.

The name “the viale” was crafted by myself and a good friend and colleague while working on a prior iteration of this site. Searching for something unique to complement my interests, personality, and time spent living in Italy, the Italian word “viale” was settled on. Literally translated to “avenue” for which I felt it was an apt title as my creative endeavors serve as the route to where I am going in life.