Design, Development, Production Art

AnaФrame is the moniker of Lake Placid, NY based writer and artist Molly Gallegos. Projects completed include a visual identity, collateral design, and a portfolio website.

Visual Identity

The identity for AnaФrame incorporates numerous aspects of Molly’s personality, interests, and pursuits to create a logo and visual system that expresses what makes her and her work unique. The typography references Russian design, language, and literature while the mark is inspired by Art-Deco architecture and design found in New York City. Finally, a personal nod to her love of traveling is accomplished with the inclusion of the toy duck silhouette which is an artifact from her adventures.


Collateral stamp


Business cards


AnaФrame’s website serves as a home for Molly’s various artistic endeavors. Utilizing WordPress as the CMS for the site, the portfolio and content presented on it is easily updated and maintained.

Work page showcasing projects divided based on work created “at home” or “abroad”

Photography portfolio piece with lightbox image gallery

Biography page