JCR Capital

Development, UX/UI

Website architecture, design, and development for JCR Capital; a Denver based alternative investment manager that provides financing for middle market commercial real estate transactions. JCR’s website is a custom built WordPress theme that allows the company to quickly update content site wide including core offerings, transactions and market commentary.

Homepage that allows JCR Capital to introduce the company, outline their core offerings, feature recent transactions, and display the latest news and market commentary from the firm.

One of the main focuses of the site is to provide information relative to JCR’s two core offerings. Discover and wireframes provided the foundation for requirements and discussion. While the design is not a 1:1 representation of original structure, the end result demonstrates an evolution based on discussion and collaboration with the client.

JCR Capital’s website was designed and built so that it scales gracefully to viewports of all sizes.

In addition to company pertinent information, the site also features the ability for the firm’s stakeholders to provide market commentary to its clients both current and prospective. The interactive timeline provides a global view of JCR’s commentary. Each year on the timeline provides users the ability to access articles with expanded analysis from that time period.