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As part of an overall update of Brinkman Construction’s brand identity, I was directly responsible for designing and developing a new custom website showcasing the new direction for the Colorado based construction company. My responsibilities for this project included requirement gathering, wireframes, interface design, WordPress theme development, facilitating quality assurance, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of the website. The resulting website serves as a tool for Brinkman Construction to present their portfolio of work, service offerings, and company culture.

Homepage features customizable slider and the ability to utilize content modules as necessitated by the content they wish to display.

To offer flexibility in regards to content within the Brinkman Construction website, a modular content entry system was integrated into WordPress. Tailored to the needs of their content and the design created for the site, this robust part of the theme I developed contains 8 modules to present different types of content. This includes embedded YouTube video (iFrames), forms, featured projects, testimonials, and image galleries. These modules can be added, subtracted, and reordered with ease as needed within each page or post site wide. The system developed for Brinkman Construction also allows for expansion as future requirements dictate as additional modules can be seamlessly integrated into this global content entry functionality.

Interaction within WordPress initializing the addition of another content module.

Portfolio pieces are segmented into product types to convey the industries Brinkman Construction specializes in. Product types can be added and subtracted with ease within WordPress and freely associated to portfolio piece via a selection field within each post.

To highlight their depth of experience, Brinkman Construction’s website necessitated a section displaying a body of work of around 80 projects at the time of site launch. This uniquely designed and built section allows for the entry and display of content that is specific to this area of the site. Customizations include project status, testimonials, galleries, statistics and product type categorization.

Specific to the portfolio custom post type are content extensions that allow Brinkman Construction to highlight information for each piece including statistics, testimonials, product types, and project status. Aside from project status, content is entered as needed as the template adjusts its display depending on the content inputed into WordPress. As with all customizations, annotations are provided to assist in the entry of content by the client.

Portfolio piece template exemplifying how content extensions for this section appear on the live site.

All aspects of the site scale gracefully to display appropriately on any given viewport size.

Additional customizations are provided on a page by page basis. In this instance, the ability to display Google maps for each of their locations based address information entered into WordPress as well as the ability to add contact information for specific departments of the company.