Fransen Pittman General Contractors

Development, UX/UI

Website design and development for Fransen Pittman General Contractors. As part of a re-invisioning of their brand’s expression, I was directly responsible for creating a new website for the company. My role included requirement gathering, information architecture, designing, styling, WordPress integration and deploying the website. The primary focus of the site is to present the company’s vast portfolio of work, the collection of markets they work in, and the importance of the company’s culture in their continued success.

The homepage presents an overview of content found throughout the site. It provides access to general information, projects completed, markets served, and recent updates about Fransen Pittman. Content is dynamically generated from interior pages and posts.

The site is optimized for a variety of viewports. It was created utilizing the Bootstrap framework, Sass, and WordPress.

A key aspect of the website is the portfolio of projects Fransen Pittman has completed. To serve the interests of the user, projects are accessible via numerous of access points throughout the site. One of the most important ways is the association of projects to markets allowing the depth of experience to be conveyed in either section of the site.

Projects found in Fransen Pittman’s portfolio are dynamically associated with their respective markets. One point of content entry for a portfolio piece allows it to be utilized in a variety of places site wide allowing for exposure to users via multiple methods of navigation.

This was made possible by integrating a blog and pages capable of presenting culture based content including video.