Denver Urban Renewal Authority

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Website architecture, design, and development for the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA). DURA supports thoughtful redevelopment and growth of the city through its interactions with residents, businesses, government officials, developers, and financial organizations. Launched in conjunction with a revitalized identity, DURA’s new WordPress website gives users a clear path to information about the organization and its primary focuses of the strategic urban renewal of the city and assisting residents with the rehabilitation of their houses.

The homepage serves as an introduction to DURA and highlights its housing rehabilitation and redevelopment efforts. To provide an easily understood interface for a diverse audience, the website utilizes a clean design with ample whitespace and typography focused on readability.

DURA’s responsive website is built upon the Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework and uses WordPress to manage content.

The housing rehabilitation section of the site is structured to provide information as to how DURA helps residents rehabilitate their homes, who qualifies for such assistance, and a clear prompt to call for further information and help.

The redevelopment section allows DURA to address the process behind their involvement in Denver’s urban renewal. Content, navigation, and featured projects for the redevelopment landing page are dynamically pulled from child pages within the section.

Found within the redevelopment section is a listing of urban renewal projects that DURA is currently involved with or helped facilitate in the past. Depending on user preference, projects can be viewed and filtered within an interactive Google map or list.

Subsequent sections of the site provide additional in-depth information about DURA, its history, a citizen’s guide to urban renewal, FAQs, news postings, RFPs, and career opportunities.