EON Office

Design, UX/UI

EON Office is a Denver based office supplier that provides its clients everything from supplies for the office to workspace planning, design, and furniture installations. Work completed for EON includes their corporate and ordering websites as well as design for their private label paper and delivery vehicles.

Corporate Website

EON’s revamped corporate website reflects the latest update to their brand expression. Additionally, the redesign took into consideration insights gained from the previous version of the website resulting in a restructuring of the navigation and information presentation. The main focus of the redesign was to provide a larger presence for EON’s core offerings and to provide quick and consistent access to their online ordering system.

EON’s homepage was redesigned to feature core offerings, brand promise, and a call to action for opening an account with EON.

Core offerings and services of EON take on a much larger presence on the latest version of the site to provide customers a greater understanding of how EON can help meet the needs of their businesses.

Mobile navigation interaction.

Online Ordering Website

User interface and experience design for EON’s ordering website. The purpose of the redesign served to meet two goals. The first was to increase visual cohesion between the ordering portal and the rest of EON’s updated look and feel which the site originally lacked. Second and most importantly, despite development constraints, the update to the site served to make the online ordering process as seamless as possible for their clients.

Ordering homepage includes featured products and promotions as well as account information and access

Ordering product listing with filtration, sorting, favoriting, comparisons, and the ability to quickly add items to cart

Ordering cart interaction

Private Label Paper

Visual system created for EON’s private label paper including boxes and ream wraps. Variations in color usage denote multipurpose or recycled paper helping distinguish between the two in the warehouse and the office.

Private Label Paper boxes

Private Label Paper ream wraps

EON Office Delivery Vehicles

Design system for EON’s fleet of delivery vehicles. Variations in design visually signify what type of EON product each particular vehicle delivers.

EON Environments delivery vehicle