Pursuit is an application that allows hunters and anglers to store hunting and fishing licenses on their mobile devices. The app was architected and designed to give users quick access to their licenses while on their expeditions. In addition, the Pursuit app provides them a streamlined process for saving and renewing their hunting and fishing licenses.

Licenses are managed and stored by their respective state. This offers users a quick overview to how many licenses have been stored and which ones are due for expiration or renewal. Monotoned images serve as the backbone of the contemporary design of the app meant to appeal to an audience that is not necessarily drawn to the typical outdoor look and feel of the industry.

Hunters and anglers can save important information in their profile for use when adding or renewing licenses. Adding a license can be done at various points in the app and users can add significant details such as expiration date, number, and photograph.

The app also provides users the functionality of adding location based notes for use on current or future expeditions. Notes are intended to be flexible allowing customization and categorization based on the user’s preference.

In addition to the app, Pursuit also offers users the ability to utilize a web portal to view and manage their license, notes and profile.