St. Charles Capital

Design, Development

St. Charles Capital—recently acquired by KPMG—provided banking, mergers and acquisition, and financial advisory services to middle-market companies within financial, technology, healthcare, and energy sectors. For St. Charles completed work included design and development for their corporate website and an interactive event invite.

Corporate Website

St. Charles Capital’s corporate website highlighted the sectors the company was active in providing financial services to. In addition, dynamically generated transaction tombstones provided an up-to-date look at the company’s merger and acquisition history. The site utilized WordPress as the content management system.

Homepage with dynamic slider, overview content, and news feed

Sector page with overview content, transaction and news feeds, and newsletter signup form

Transaction archive with ability to sort by sector

Meet the Masters Invite

For St. Charles Capital’s 2012 company hosted gala event, an interactive invite was sent to attendees. The responsive website was designed to highlight the theme for the gathering which showcased an evening with “masters” of finance, wine, and art.

Mobile view

Desktop/Tablet landing view

Desktop/Tablet event information view

Desktop/Tablet “master” introduction